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arRPC is an open implementation of Discord's Rich Presence

Allowing RPC where previously impossible, like Discord Web and custom clients

arRPC is an open-source reimplementation of Discord's Rich Presence (RPC), instead of using Discord's specific (only works with their desktop client) and closed/proprietary local backend. arRPC mimicks Discord's local servers and scanning, allowing apps to talk to it to give you statuses just like desktop!



When integrated, arRPC can work anywhere Discord Web is used! In your browser, some custom clients like ArmCord, and more. Where it isn't, it could still possibly be used, just with a custom integration needed.


arRPC is open-source, meaning you can look inside it, to verify what it's doing. It is also an open standard which can be used across clients, mods, and plugins.


Instead of relying on Discord's proprietary native libraries, arRPC is independent and made in easy-to-read JavaScript. Discord won't see any of your processes, instead arRPC handles it and only passes on activity info.


Rich Presence

Shows activity given by the app

Process Scanning

Scans running apps and sets as activity if known


Joining or spectating games